Refrigeration Services

Our team are capable of providing expert advice on refrigeration services.

Our team are capable of providing refrigeration services in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive refrigeration design,
  • Constant temperature and constant humidity applications,
  • Brine refrigeration systems,
  • Process refrigeration,
  • Due diligence inspections,
  • Condition audits,
  • Lodgment and liaison with local authorities,
  • Commissioning to ensure compliance with codes, client requirements, and expectations, and
  • Performance solutions for cold rooms and freezer rooms.
This is an example of our engineering and drafting for a refrigeration project. Our experienced engineers were able to design the correct type, size, and layout of the evaporator and condensing units to adequately service the cold room. Further, by using dry coolers instead of water cooling towers in our design, we were able to prevent the need for chemical water treatment where the necessary chemicals are expensive and the system is difficult to maintain.

Our drafting team have produced this REVIT model to adequately display our SEED solution.