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SEED Engineers recognise that building an eco-friendly environment is a complex system composed of interdependent elements, subsystems, and ecosystems. However, with a wholistic mindset, our team of multi-disciplined engineers is driven to provide sustainable, high-quality, and innovative designs to achieve healthy buildings for the good of the environment and the people.

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Here at SEED Engineers, we pride ourselves on our mix of innovation with practicality for the benefit of our Client’s projects. Not only are we knowledgeable but also research-based in our consultancy, and that makes all the difference for the life of the building.

Rob Lord, Director
SEED Engineers

We Love to Solve Problems

  • It doesn’t matter whether the problem is commercial, legal, or technical.
  • It doesn’t matter whether the location is within Australia or overseas.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of building or portfolio you have.
  • It doesn’t matter what building system is involved.
SEED Engineers provide expert opinions and consultancy across the life-cycle for design and construction, design and tender, proposed, recently constructed, existing, and mature buildings. Our team specialises in a wide range of building projects, including aged and health care, commercial and workplace, commissioning and ICA, educational and institutional, hospitality and lifestyle, industrial and infrastructure, residential, and retail.
To achieve a healthy and sustainable building, SEED provides full building capabilities within mechanical, sustainability, electrical, wet and dry fire, and hydraulic services, and pool water treatment. Our services also include providing tunnel ventilation, vertical transportation, refrigeration, and big data services. Additionally, we have Independent Commissioning Agents for commissioning services and audits, and we have NABERS and BEEC accredited assessors for audits and assessments.
Our dedicated engineers are always ready to assist you with your building upgrades, refurbishment project management, odour nuisance risks, kitchen ventilation designs, and passive and mixed-mode designs. You can also request a productivity and insurance assessment, products and projects certification, and peer reviews.

Whatever you need, SEED engineers can help you turn your dreams into fruition. Book a design consultation with us to know how we can help you get started with your project.






Pool Water Treatment

Tunnel Ventilation

Vertical Transportation


Big Data



Odour Nuisance

Kitchen Ventilation

Passive and Mixed Mode Design

Insurance Assessments

Peer Reviews

Building Services Upgrades

Refurbishment Project Management

Productivity Assessments

Product and Project Certification