NABERS Monitoring & BEECS, & TLA Assessment

We can provide stand-alone NABERS ratings and BEECs.

One innovative extension of this service is our NABERS monitoring subscription service. Over a 12 month period, we build the NABERS rating in front of the client or facility manager. We also conduct a commissioning audit and create a site specific ‘playbook’.

The playbook uses energy modelling to generate expectations for how each fan, pump, chiller etc. should operate. These expectations are expressed with respect to other variables including external weather and percentage leasing. Using the site’s playbook, a facility manager can know instantly whether a building service is ‘in tune’ or not and then investigate.

A monthly meeting will transparently show the owner or facility manager the exact NABERS rating at that instant. It also identifies missing paperwork and also proposes ‘low hanging fruit’ to improve the NABERS rating.
When you drive your car, you know intuitively what ‘doesn’t feel right’. The NABERS subscription process is similar and can inform owners what areas may need attention.
The image above outlines the different
NABERS rating services that can be provided.