Commissioning & Audits

Independent Commissioning Agent

SEED Engineers provides specialist independent commissioning services which operate throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea. By partnering with building owners and developers as their trusted commissioning consultant, we can provide our services throughout the entire lifecycle of a building.

Not only can the independent commissioning agent provide coordination management for commissioning requirements, but also ensure commissioning is given its necessary place, starting from schematic design and finishing in the tuning phase.

Further, for large projects, our commissioning agents can manage your commissioning teams so that they complete the project in a timely fashion. This is particularly useful when they are implementing an innovative design or when a problem has been uncovered on site.

Our Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) services include:

  • Commissioning,
  • ICA – National Environmental Balancing Bureau Accredited,
  • Due diligence audits and condition audits,
  • Forensic engineering,
  • Essential services certification,
  • System performance verification,
  • Commissioning team management, and
  • Dispute resolution.

Commissioning Services

We also offer commissioning for those clients who need commissioning work undertaken. Our technicians are able to provide a commissioning service independent of the installers.

Our commissioning services include, but are not limited to:

  • Services and maintainability review of existing services design documents,
    Commissioning plan for the project strategy, analysis, and programming services both before the commencement of a project (in the manner of responsibilities, interface matrices, and programming), and after projects (in the manner of building tuning, condition, energy, and fire life safety audits),
  • Commissionable item witnessing schedule including off-site pre-commissioning and Building Tuning during the defect’s liability period,
  • Commissioning meetings to plan and coordinate commissioning activities in accordance with the construction programme, and
  • Integrated Services Testing (IST) for entire building in all modes of emergency.
  • Dispute resolution for project work: it is not uncommon for a client to request an independent review of works completed to ascertain the extent of compliance to brief and/or extent of completion.

Commissioning Audits

Energy and Condition

NABERS (National Australian Built Environment Rating Scheme) is our speciality. At SEED Engineers, we guarantee an improvement in energy rating that will be achieved if we are engaged to provide our energy auditing and monitoring procedures.

We are accredited energy auditors and can carry out Type 1 and 2 energy audits according to AS/NZS 3598.1:2014, for all classes of buildings.

We have the skills and experience to audit all manner of building services as outlined below:

  • Ventilation systems,
  • Mechanical services HVAC audits,
  • Switch boards including main switchboards, mechanical, light and power, and distribution boards,
  • Lighting energy,
  • Compliance AS3000, AS1851, AS1668, and others, and
  • Maintenance of mechanical, electrical, and other services.

Baseline Data

SEED Engineers is able to produce or review baseline data for projects where baseline data has been incomplete.

Fire Life Safety Audit and Certification

Owners and managers of a building (businesses or persons that are occupying) have a legal obligation to ensure the safety of any persons in that building in the event of a fire or other emergencies.

SEED Engineers has developed a Fire Life Safety checklist inspection procedure and will carry out the inspections for owners and managers to assist them in managing their compliance with the governing Fire and Emergency Services codes and regulations.

Fire life safety audits usually cover the following items:

  • Mechanical ventilation and air handling systems,
  • Emergency lifts,
  • Emergency lighting,
  • Emergency power supplies,
  • Emergency warning and intercommunication systems,
  • Exit signs,
  • Fire detection and alarm systems,
  • Fire doorsets,
  • Fire extinguishers,
  • Fire hose reels,
  • Fire hydrants (including booster pumps),
  • Fire mains,
  • Fire shutters,
  • Other features that form part of the fire system,
  • Smoke and heat venting systems,
  • Smoke doorsets,
  • Smoke exhaust systems,
  • Solid core doors,
  • Special automatic fire suppression systems,
  • Sprinkler systems and pump sets, and
  • Stairwell pressurisation systems.