Residences – 44-56 Cudgegong Rd, Rouse Hill

SEED Engineers contributed their expertise to the Residences at 44-56 Cudgegong Rd, Rouse Hill, a large-scale residential development comprising several phases. The project posed unique challenges related to carpark ventilation design, particularly because earlier stages had already constructed mechanical facilities. Our team developed innovative solutions, including on-site measurements and CFD simulations, to ensure optimal carpark ventilation in later stages while minimizing impacts on previous construction phases.

This succinct summary provides an overview of the project’s key details and the challenges faced and solutions provided.

Client: Jasara Construction
Background: New Residential Building developed in several stages
Work Type: Design HVAC-R
Sector: Residential
Size: Big Project
Disciplines Engaged: Mechanical Engineering
The Challenges Faced
In the development of a new residential building, which unfolded across three stages, we encountered a unique challenge. Mechanical facilities like fan rooms and ventilation penetrations were constructed in earlier phases, preceding the HVAC planning for later stages. This sequence posed constraints, particularly at structural transfer points between stages, limiting the basement’s height. Additionally, certain penetrations built in prior stages required adjustments.
The Solution Provided
To surmount these challenges, we embarked on an essential task—on-site measurements to validate existing facility dimensions. This groundwork served as a crucial prerequisite for our design work. In the later stages, we turned to cutting-edge CFD simulations to devise a carpark performance solution. This approach enabled us to analyse, validate, and ultimately craft the most effective design for the carpark’s mechanical systems in subsequent stages. All the while, we worked diligently to minimise any disruptions to the earlier construction phases.