Our Projects

SEED Engineers have completed a wide range of building projects for various sectors. Please browse through our portfolio to see the work we did, the challenges we faced, and the solutions we provided to meet our client’s requirements.

If you are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly design solutions for your next project, give us a call and one of our team members would be happy to discuss your needs.

Auburn Ambulance Station Fitout

The heritage building of the Auburn Ambulance Station is being trasnformed into a state of the art pub and restaurant. The work for the fitout involved designing energy-efficient and cost-effective mechanical services including VRF air conditioning system, energy-recovery air conditioning system, and kitchen ventilation system. This involved CFD odour modelling to ensure that occupants of adjacent apartment building would experience no odour nuisance outside their balconies. Veritech grease filters and COANDA hoods were used to ensure that no grease or odour (below compliance) is exhausted into the local atmosphere.

Lincoln Square South – Student Accommodation – University of Melbourne

SEED Engineers has been engaged to deliver the complete mechanical services design and engineering consulting of the facility as part of the D&C contract. Starting from developing the concept design, all the way to IFC design including equipment selection and on-site coordination with other disciplines and construction advice, finishing with As-built drawings, certification and documentation. Additionally, SEED Engineers has provided ESD services including energy feasibility analysis of different systems, energy modelling, performance solution involving carpark CO CFD modelling.”

Moorleigh Community Village – Emergency Warning System

“The work for Moorleigh Community Village in Bentleigh East VIC involved designing an code compliance fire detection emergency warning system via existing smoke alarm security system. This site does not require full fire detection system as per NCC requirement and it is never part of the building certification. However, the building committees reviewed the site as a potential risk to senior members of the community hence decided to request a full code compliant emergency warning system that interface with existing smoke alarms via security system.”

Atrium Thermal Comfort – Proof of Concept 120 Collins St Melbourne

The mechanical contractor (AG Coombs) proposed a design utilising low-level displacement ventilation below the bench seatings within the Atrium at 120 Collins St, Melbourne. SEED Engineers conducted a CFD thermal comfort modelling to confirm the proposed mechanical design meeting the comfort requirements both in summer and winter.

King Island Meat Co.

“The King Island Meat company is a restaurant and a meat smokery located in Paddington, NSW. SEED Engineers was engaged to design an effective and cost-efficient kitchen ventilation system with a vertical discharge. This involved CFD odour modelling to ensure that no bystanders or customers would experience odour nuisance outside due to the cooking and meat smoking, thus reducing the chance of any complaints made against King Island Meat Co. Veritech grease filters and an Ozone generator were used to ensure that no grease or odour (below compliance) is exhausted into the local atmosphere, in addition to an innovative swirl diffusion mechanism that ensures effective dilution with outside air, immediately upon discharge.”

Project Neon – Scalzo Foods

The SEED QA system, which is developed inhouse for inhouse projects, is designed to guarantee complete elimination of re-work and wasting resources while achieving compliance with the engineering standards and sustainability requirements of the project. That is accomplished by conducting a series of workshops/sessions to lock-in data and information prior to proceeding to the next design stage. The peer review of this project lasted 6 weeks for the entire project and consisted of four workshops. Upon each workshop, SEED Engineers provided all involved parties with a roadmap and to-do tasks inline with a realistic timeline. SEED Engineers continuously reviewed all design submissions and provided the designer with highlighted issues in advance in preparation of each workshop. The peer review resulted in professional management and reporting from SEED Engineers and a fully complying design and calculations.

Palladium Tower

SEED was engaged in this project to model a proposed design for the adequate and efficient discharge ventilation of an eight-storey carpark. The proposed design deviated from DTS requirements by having below minimum exhaust separation distances to building openings as set out in the Australian Standards. To compensate for this, the design ensures that the discharge is soundly engineered.