Our Projects

SEED Engineers have completed a wide range of building projects for various sectors. Please browse through our portfolio to see the work we did, the challenges we faced, and the solutions we provided to meet our client’s requirements.

If you are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly design solutions for your next project, give us a call and one of our team members would be happy to discuss your needs.

Auburn Ambulance Station Fitout

The heritage building of the Auburn Ambulance Station is being trasnformed into a state of the art pub and restaurant. The work for the fitout involved designing energy-efficient and cost-effective mechanical services including VRF air conditioning system, energy-recovery air conditioning system, and kitchen ventilation system. This involved CFD odour modelling to ensure that occupants of adjacent apartment building would experience no odour nuisance outside their balconies. Veritech grease filters and COANDA hoods were used to ensure that no grease or odour (below compliance) is exhausted into the local atmosphere.

Atrium Thermal Comfort – Proof of Concept 120 Collins St Melbourne

The mechanical contractor (AG Coombs) proposed a design utilising low-level displacement ventilation below the bench seatings within the Atrium at 120 Collins St, Melbourne. SEED Engineers conducted a CFD thermal comfort modelling to confirm the proposed mechanical design meeting the comfort requirements both in summer and winter.

King Island Meat Co.

“The King Island Meat company is a restaurant and a meat smokery located in Paddington, NSW. SEED Engineers was engaged to design an effective and cost-efficient kitchen ventilation system with a vertical discharge. This involved CFD odour modelling to ensure that no bystanders or customers would experience odour nuisance outside due to the cooking and meat smoking, thus reducing the chance of any complaints made against King Island Meat Co. Veritech grease filters and an Ozone generator were used to ensure that no grease or odour (below compliance) is exhausted into the local atmosphere, in addition to an innovative swirl diffusion mechanism that ensures effective dilution with outside air, immediately upon discharge.”

Grafton Base Hospital – Ambulatory Care Unit

The project encompasses the construction of a new three storey building comprising of two levels of patient care, an undercroft area and a plant room. Healthcare facilities, by their nature, are complex, with a wide range of functional and services requirements that place a high demand on energy, water and materials.

Mater – Steam and Heating Feasibility Study

The Steam and Heating Feasibility Study’s Project Mission is to investigate and determine the most suitable transition plan to replace steam and heat generation at Mater’s South Brisbane campus towards less emissions-intensive, more socially and environmentally acceptable technologies, in line with the Mater Sustainability Program.

El Camino Cantina

SEED was engaged to provide design expertise for the installation of a state of the art kitchen ventilation scheme and air conditioning for high occupancy restaurant at El Camino Cantina in Bowen Hills, Queensland. The project required a performance approach to achieve low flow solutions and our unique experience with recirculation hoods was vital for the project design.

163 Abbot Street, Cairns

For this project, SEED conducted a review of the plant and equipment sizing.

King’s Co-op

We provided mechanical design and kitchen ventilation for a single level bar and restaurant. This project consisted of a kitchen, 2 bar areas, and amenities.