Kitchen Odour Assessment in Surry Hills, Sydney

Surry Hill Village (SHV) is an ambitious project set to redefine urban living in Sydney’s inner city. Comprising a mix of luxury residences, retail spaces, dining establishments, and workspaces, SHV aims to create a vibrant community hub. However, a potential challenge emerged with the location of a boutique luxury hotel within the residential precinct, which necessitated innovative solutions to mitigate odour issues arising from its commercial kitchen exhausts.
Client: TOGA Group
Scope: Kitchen Exhaust Systems, Performance Approach
Sector: Hospitality (F&B)
Site Area: 11,000 m2
Client Challenge
The proximity of residential units within SHV raised concerns about potential ‘odour nuisance’ from the hotel’s commercial kitchen exhausts. While the existing mechanical design met ventilation standards, it didn’t adequately address the congregation of multiple discharge sources and the influence of wind patterns.
Engineering Solution & Testing

SEED Engineers undertook the challenge to assess kitchen odour impacts and devise effective mitigation strategies. Our innovative solution involved altering grease filtration technologies and optimising discharge configurations. To validate the effectiveness of our proposal, we utilised advanced odour modelling techniques, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to visualise and analyse odour propagation (Figure 2).

SEED Engineers developed two models: one representing the original mechanical design and another showcasing our proposed solution. The CFD simulations demonstrated the significant reduction in odour discharge achieved by the SEED design, ensuring compliance with F6P5 of NCC 2022. The thorough testing process confirmed the effectiveness of the solution in preventing any ‘odour nuisance’ within the precinct.

Results and Compliance
The results of the odour model assessment, coupled with the CFD simulations, provided compelling evidence of the SEED design’s efficacy in mitigating odour issues (Figure 3). Surry Hill Village can now confidently move forward knowing that its luxury residential precinct will remain free from any odour disturbances, ensuring a pleasant living environment for residents and visitors alike.
SEED Engineers’ innovative approach to odour mitigation has not only resolved a potential challenge for Surry Hill Village but has also set a new standard for addressing similar issues in urban development projects. By leveraging advanced engineering techniques and a deep understanding of ventilation and odour dispersion, SEED has enabled SHV to realize its vision of a vibrant, harmonious community space without compromising on luxury or comfort.