Short Grain

SEED Engineers collaborated with Michael Tassis on the transformation of Short Grain, a commercial restaurant and café located at a lower level. The project focused on designing HVAC-R systems and kitchen ventilation, catering specifically to the food and beverage sector. Sized as a medium-scale venture, this engagement drew upon our expertise in Mechanical Engineering.
Client: Lowry Group
Background: Commercial Restaurant
Work Type: Design HVAC-R & Kitchen Ventilation
Sector: Food and Beverages
Size: Medium Project
Disciplines Engaged: Mechanical Engineering
The Challenges Faced
A challenge emerged during the project’s inception—integrating existing air conditioning and kitchen ventilation fans with limited capacities provided by the landlord. Overcoming these limitations required thoughtful and innovative solutions.
The Solution Provided
Our team responded by custom-tailoring the kitchen ventilation system, ensuring alignment with the existing fan capacities. This approach met the landlord’s requirements and complied meticulously with the Building Code of Australia/National Construction Code (BCA/NCC) standards.