Project Neon – Scalzo Foods

The SEED QA system, which is developed inhouse for inhouse projects, is designed to guarantee complete elimination of re-work and wasting resources while achieving compliance with the engineering standards and sustainability requirements of the project. That is accomplished by conducting a series of workshops/sessions to lock-in data and information prior to proceeding to the next design stage.

The peer review of this project lasted 6 weeks for the entire project and consisted of four workshops. Upon each workshop, SEED Engineers provided all involved parties with a roadmap and to-do tasks inline with a realistic timeline. SEED Engineers continuously reviewed all design submissions and provided the designer with highlighted issues in advance in preparation of each workshop.

The peer review resulted in professional management and reporting from SEED Engineers and a fully complying design and calculations.

Client: Qanstruct (Aust) Pty Ltd
Work Type: New-Build Design;Audit;Peer Review – Mechanical Design Works
Sector: Industrial (e.g., distribution center, truckstop, cattleshed, processing plant, mining, storage, warehouse)
Size: 35,000 sqm
Disciplines Engaged: Mechanical
The Challenges Faced
The complex integration of services involved in addition to the special requirements of the products to be handled and manufactured in the facility.
The Solution Provided
SEED Engineers assisted in guiding the designer to the right design conditions while satisfying the client requirements and complying with the relevant codes and standards.

Additionally, SEED Engineers applied changes to the design that resulted in reducing the costs of construction and operations.