Montrachet Bakery

The work for Montrachet Bakery involved designing an effective and affordable kitchen ventilation system with a horizontal discharge onto the street. This involved CFD odour modelling to ensure that no bystanders or customers would experience odour nuisance outside of the bakery, thus reducing the chance of any complaints made against Montrachet. Veritech grease filters and an Electrostatic Precipitation Filter (ESP) was used to ensure that no grease or odour (below compliance) is exhausted into the local atmosphere.
Client: Montrachet
Work Type: Kitchen ventilation design, Odour nuisance modelling
Sector: Retail, Kitchen
Size: 100sqm kitchen
Disciplines Engaged: Mechanical
The Challenges Faced
One challenge was to minimise the total airflow required for supply and exhaust into the two kitchen hoods in order to save on costs of equipment and ductwork. Additionally, another challenge was ensuring the kitchen discharge was free from grease and odour to avoid complaints and ensure compliance with codes.
The Solution Provided
We used SEED’s patented low-flow hood and VDI2052 calculator to reduce air quantities (based on kitchen equipment selection) required for supply and exhaust. We also used Veritech filters and an ESP filter to minimise odour and grease. We confirmed this to be effective by using CFD computer modelling for odour nuisance.