Mater – Steam and Heating Feasibility Study

The Steam and Heating Feasibility Study’s Project Mission is to investigate and determine the most suitable transition plan to replace steam and heat generation at Mater’s South Brisbane campus towards less emissions-intensive, more socially and environmentally acceptable technologies, in line with the Mater Sustainability Program.
Client: Mater
Work Type: Feasibility Study
Sector: Healthcare
Size: The Feasibility Study provided comprehensive understanding of the requirements for steam and hot water across 12 buildings within the Mater’s South Brisbane campus.
Disciplines Engaged: Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Sustainability and Gas
The Challenges Faced

The most challenging aspects of the project were to:

  1. collect vast amount of information and data;
  2. carry out calculations (mechanical, electrical & hydraulics) and
  • produce schematic drawings

for all 12 buildings within a relatively short timeframe of 6 weeks.

The Solution Provided
SEED Engineers worked closely with the Mater project team to develop a comprehensive project plan and detailed methodology to achieve the project outcome.

SEED Engineers also arranged a multidisciplinary team of engineers to explore all known sources of energy for steam and hot water generation. The sources of energy considered in the study include fossil fuel, electricity via the grid, nuclear, hydrogen, geothermal and solar. The considered sources of energy were then shortlisted by comparing them against The Global Green and Healthy Hospitals Energy guidance document and the Mater shareholders’ values.