Chandler Residence

This 5 bedroom house, including home offices, is a residential home with a difference. It is designed with a large rammed earth wall in the centre of the home to provide natural heating and cooling to the building.
Client: Hogg & Lamb Architects
Work Type: New-Build Design, Performance Approach
Sector: Residential
Size: $2M
Disciplines Engaged: Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Sustainability
The Challenges Faced
The Client was seeking a low energy house that was comfortable. It had large glazing expanses that made this challenging.
The Solution Provided
A large rammed earth wall was positioned in the centre of the home. This thermal mass has large ducts embedded in the middle of the wall so that the wall can be heated or cooled naturally. We use air that has come in through the roof space to do this. The roof is treated with Skycool so that even in summer we can get cool air into the mass.