Autohaus Newstead

The new Mercedes-Benz Brisbane facility at Breakfast Creek Wharf is a multi-level automotive centre constructed in Newstead. Designed by Cottee Parker Architects, the building houses a full-service dealership, a vehicle gallery, an AMG Performance Centre, and several unique dining options and function areas.

With it’s unique mix of spaces and modern architectural design elements, the building has been designed to reinvent the customer experience for buying vehicles.

Client: AE Smith
Work Type: New-Build Design, Design for Sub Contractors, Performance Approach, Verification Services – Assessment of Built Works
Sector: Commissioning, Retail
Size: 6000 sqm NLA
Disciplines Engaged: Mechanical, Fire
The Challenges Faced
The first challenge was that the proposed car-park ventilation system comprised a significant extent of duct that affected services layouts and aesthetics. The layouts affected numerous floors as a large portion of the building is the car-park.

Another challenge was that the stair pressurization systems had an extraordinary number of doors. This presented significant problems with commissioning. There has been extensive fire engineering by Ommni to address the complex fire safety issues in the building.

The Solution Provided
SEED provided a carpark ventilation solution that removed extensive sections of duct. This was provided using CFD modelling. We also increased the air quantities above code compliance.

We also negotiated with QFES to define air from the non-fire floors as a source of satisfactory make-up air. We used FDS modelling and engineering to help the client team provide a system that could be repeatedly demonstrate compliance.