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We are always searching for talent and innovative focused attitudes. If you are interested in a conversation about a career with SEED in any discipline, location, or skill-set listed below, please Contact Us with your level of interest.

Currently Advertised Positions

Who We are Looking For

SEED Engineers – HVAC Detailed Design Drafter

About the company 

SEED Engineers is a design consultant for the building services industry established in 2010. We provide innovative and sustainable solutions to building projects all across Australia and Asia -Pacific Region. Our vision is to foster healthy buildings and healthy people through every aspect of our company, client interaction, and public engagement. As a business, our mission is to help clients deliver high quality, affordable, and sustainable solutions to our clients’ via our focus on performance for the life of the building. We are looking for an experienced HVAC Detailed Design Drafter to join our team. 

Successful Applicants will be able to demonstrate the following: 

  • Ideally minimum 5+ years’ experience working as an HVAC Detailed design drafter
  • Experience in Workshop Drawings and detailed drawings 
  • Experience in AutoCAD and Revit is mandatory, demonstrated by project experience across a variety of building types
  • Ability to conduct design activities
  • Perform coordination independently with clients, contractors & vendors
  • Ability to communicate efficiently, verbally & via email
  • Expert knowledge of Australian Standards and BCA 

Benefits and Rewards 

In return, you will receive a fill-tie position with a competitive salary that matches your experience. You will get exposure to a range of projects and clients in a variety of industries. You will be provided an opportunity for career growth while working as [art of an experienced, close-knit team. 

Ideally, you would be based in the Head Office Brisbane, however we do have an office in Melbourne which you may be based. 

How to apply 

Please email your CV and cover letter to moc.s1628831142reeni1628831142gnede1628831142es@ni1628831142mda1628831142

Types of Jobs Available

Review the list below and view our What We Do area of our website to see the types of services we provide.


Discipline Locations Skill Level
Sustainability Current SEED Locations Executive Engineer
Mechanical Brisbane (HQ) Senior Engineer
Electrical Melbourne Intermediate Engineer
Hydraulic Sydney Junior Engineer
Fire Design Drafter
Structure Potential Future Offices Drafter
Waste Water Treatment Gold Coast Technician
Vertical Transportation Perth
Communicating Security Auckland
Big Data Honolulu



If you believe you have the skills to be involved in any of these services or notice that your skills could benefit our team, please Contact Us.

Employment Flexibility

Work Flexibility at SEED

SEED can afford to be flexible and we hold to the mantra “a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay”. Our leaders have previously worked in large commercial settings where employees have donated much of their own free time to keep their jobs. We believe an employee should be paid for each hour they work, where they have followed the directions requested of them.

Consequently, we believe that our employees will be more productive with a more flexible working week. So long as you work honestly and respectfully, and work towards completing the tasks required from you, SEED does not micromanage your working hours per day. Your personal time is just as significant as your work time and keeping this balanced is important to us. At SEED, flexitime is a concept where you can substitute work time for personal time. This only works when we can trust and assume you will catch up on the work you have postponed.


In relation to this, SEED is aware that every person is different. We tailor our staff contracts to suit you and your changing roles and responsibilities.

General Requirements Applicable to All Above Positions

  • You must have your own basic understanding of sustainability – what are the issues and why is sustainability important.
  • You must be able to read, write, and converse in English; most tasks will be described in English.
  • You must be able to meet deadlines or advise immediately that you cannot meet deadlines.
  • You must deal honestly with SEED management. Events that portray deceit will result in termination.
  • You must have a secure Internet connection. All work is shared and saved in the Cloud.
  • You must have safe and comfortable quarters. SEED relies upon it’s staff to handle information and complete tasks without error. Work sites where video-chat is difficult due to noise or internet connection will be closed down.
  • You must adhere to SEED Guidelines that outline work processes. Your work is part of a much larger body of work and, as an entirety, it remains quality assured. For this to be audited, you need to adhere to SEED Guidelines and be able to demonstrate that you have adhered to SEED Guidelines.
  • You will adhere to SEED Policies.


The SEED business model relies heavily upon trust. Whatever role you are applying for, your work is part of a larger Relay Race. Your work gets passed to others who trust that it is to SEED standards, just as you relied upon work upstream being to SEED standards when you start work.

As a condition of employment, each staff member must operate in a high trust environment. This may be confronting to some people, as a high trust environment occasionally requires people to speak with constructive criticism. For others, this environment provides regular feedback about performance and adds meaning to work.

We can tolerate and fix mistakes. It only requires people to admit a mistake was made. What we cannot do is operate in an environment where trust between staff is threatened. We do not tolerate those who do not trust others or who cannot be trusted.

“The best way to find out if you can trust someone is to trust them.” – Ernest Hemingway


SEED works in locations around the world. There are a variety of cultural, religious, and political differences in the places we work. As a condition of employment, each staff member must treat other staff members and clients with the respect they seek themselves.

We do not tolerate discrimination on the basis of religion, sex, politics, or personal preferences. However good you may be at what you do, discrimination is a deal breaker.